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This old town has had its ups and downs over the years, but there’s a lot to love about living in this beautiful lakefront community. These new homes are perfect for those looking to move down here and fall in love with nature, enjoy year-round outdoor living and socializing, or simply want all the luxuries of home without sacrificing comfort.

If you love being close to nature, Chestermere real estate is the perfect choice for you. The community’s proximity to Calgary, as well as all the natural and exciting amenities that come with it make it easy to enjoy a good life here and leave the rest of the world behind. With a myriad of choices when it comes to shopping centers and restaurants, you’ll never get tired of going out in this town.

Chestermere real estate has many first-time buyers and those looking to downsize or move to the country. If you’re thinking about making Chestermere your new home and you want to know even more about the community before you make your final decision, check out our blog. We’ve got all sorts of information that hopefully will help you find that perfect place right here in Central Alberta.

Chestermere, Alberta Was Built in the 1880s

The town of Chestermere is located about sixty kilometers east of Calgary, Alberta, on Highway 22X and 14A. It was built as a farming community in about 1883 by a group of farmers from Kansas. Before the arrival of those immigrants, Chestermere was a grassy plain surrounded by wooded or brushy areas.

Incorporated as a village in 1884, Chestermere’s name is derived from the City of Chester and is pronounced: “Chess-a-mere.” The town has gone through many changes over its 150 years. After the arrival of settlers to this part of Alberta, Chestermere was one of the most productive farms in the area. It produced alfalfa and oats for cattle feed, hay, and grain for horses and other farm animals. There was a church, a courthouse, hotels, general stores, blacksmiths, and more.

Before the arrival of the settlers in Alberta, there were two main communities in the area. The area was divided into two parts by Highway 28X. One part was south of this highway and included Blackfoot Trail and Churchill’s Crossing on the east side of Highway 28X. The other side was north of Highway 28X and included the communities of Airdrie, Cochrane, and Chestermere.

The settlers who came to this area were part of the Western Migration: in 1883, settlers arrived in Alberta from Kansas, Nebraska and Iowa. By 1884, there were about fifty or sixty houses in Chestermere; four stores opened up in town as well as a bank. The community grew because of the settlers’ strong religious beliefs. The first church was built in 1889, and the second one was built in 1900.

Chestermere was incorporated as a town in 1911 after a massive drought that devastated many of the farms in the area. The farmers were hit hard by the drought, and many had to abandon their homesteads or move elsewhere. In the early 1900s, Chestermere’s economy was based on farming; oats, alfalfa, rye and barley were some of the grown crops. The people of Chestermere provided other services such as blacksmithing, carpentry, stonemasonry and shoe repair.

In the 1950s and 1960s, Chestermere was home to about 2,500 people. However, by 1965 the population was down to 1,500, and then in 1977, it was down to 1,200 people. The last census in 2001 recorded a population of 1,850. Chestermere has the second-largest golf course in Alberta after Banff Lakes Resort. The course is also known as “The Monarch Golf Club,” which opened in 1949.

Chestermere is another area popular with visitors. The lake is one of the deepest in Southern Alberta and is home to various fish. The lake’s water levels are controlled by two dams operated by Alberta Environment and Parks and the Water Survey of Canada. Around Chestermere, sports facilities such as tennis courts, baseball diamonds and a recreation center were built-in 1973.

One of the attractions in Chestermere is the Gee-Whiz Willard’s House, which is a replica of a house designed by Frank Lloyd Wright. There is also the Chestermere Historical Society Museum and Library, located on 2nd Street North. The library at this museum has over 300 photo albums and over 700 documents, photographs, maps and other records.

The Tiniest: Chestermere Lake

The tiny little “lake” is actually a dammed stream on the eastern edge of Chestermere, and it brings together canals from several other smaller streams before running into Lake Bonavista. The water eventually flows into Bonavista’s only active outflow creek at the very end of its journey. In the early 1900s, Chestermere began taking water from this creek at a rate of only 10 feet per year. This low flow eventually became too little to support natural wildlife. The Chestermere Water Conservancy was established in 1951 to manage the community’s water needs and a few years later chose the old unnamed stream to build the Tiniest Lake system.

The Tiniest Lake flows into Lake Bonavista via two channels that divide it in half: the Little and Big Channel. These channels are separated by a weir that allows constant water flow from the lake. According to Chet, who works at the lake, there is a maximum depth of about 2 feet. There is no boating or swimming allowed in the lake, and thus it remains wildlife-friendly. That being said, birds and fish are still present in the lake and its environs, including Whitefish, Goldeye (a type of Trout), and other species that can only thrive in an environment like this one. According to Chet, the lake does have a fish population of about 400. The community of Chestermere is real proud of their little lake, and it’s not hard to see why. The setup rivals some lakes in more populated parts of the province and is thought by many as a wonderful little jewel. Generations before, this was an “untamed” place.

What’s The Weather Like In Chestermere?

Honestly speaking, it varies quite dramatically throughout the year. Most people enjoy the mild, pleasant climate year-round. The average rainfall is over 50 inches a year, and the average temperature hovers around 64°F. The warmest months are winter and spring, when brooding clouds often hover above the cylinder heads off the Canadian Shield. The Chestermere weather is near-perfect all year long. Homebuyers desire to move to a vibrant community with picturesque scenery and impressive parks. The average wind speed is 15 km/h, and a few hurricane gusts can reach 75 km/h. Rainfall is relatively mild, averaging just over 50 mm a year. It is brutal—even during the middle of the year. Winters are intense, and the City regularly suffers severe flooding and snow. Rainfall is usually lighter and more sporadic in the summer. The Chestermere, Alberta weather is hard to predict, as it’s prone to unpredictable weather.

Winters are frigid, with freezing temperatures and frequent snowfalls. Summers are moderately warm, with occasionally intense heat waves. The Weather in Chestermere is TEMPERATURES tend to be fairly stable throughout the year. The average high during autumn is 31 degrees Celsius. Winters are mild, with temperatures averaging around 22°C. Spring and autumn are much warmer, with average temperatures of 20 to 25°C. The weather is optimal for enjoying the outdoors year-round. Autumn is a beautiful time of the year to visit the area. The sun shines brightly, and the warm, crisp air feels invigorating. The Chestermere, Alberta Weather is quite pleasant most of the time. Spring is a beautiful time to enjoy the outdoors year-round. The average winter snowfall is nearly half of what you’d see in the City. The weather varies quite a bit throughout the year. Spring is pleasant for most of the year, with gentle winds and mild temperatures. Winters, on the other hand, can be quite harsh. Heavy snowfalls and freezing temperatures often cause heavy flooding in the City.

Houses For Sale In Chestermere Lake

The market for homes in Chestermere is on the rise as more and more people are discovering the many benefits of living in this lakeside neighborhood. With its close proximity to Calgary, it offers a rural setting with all the conveniences and amenities of a big city. The lake itself is a beautiful and popular spot for fishing, boating, and swimming, and the town of Chestermere is home to a variety of shops and restaurants. If you’re looking for a peaceful place to call home, Chestermere is definitely worth considering.

Beautiful New Condos Located in Chestermere

if you are looking for a beautiful new condo located in Chestermere and a new condo to live in, Chestermere is definitely the place to be. With its many lakeside views and convenient location, you will be sure to love calling this community home. So why not give it a try today?

The Bungalow Is Located Within Chestermere

The bungalow is a great place to live if you’re looking for a small-town feel with all of the amenities of a city. The residents are friendly and welcoming, and there’s always something going on in the community. I highly recommend giving it a try if you’re thinking of moving to Chestermere, Alberta.

Chestermere Real Estate Agents

When choosing a real estate agent, it’s important to consider a variety of factors. Choosing an agent who is knowledgeable about the local market and has extensive experience selling homes in your area is important. It’s also important to find an agent who you feel comfortable working with and who has a similar style to you. Trust is another important factor, so be sure to interview several agents before making a decision. Chestermere, Alberta is a great place to live, and there are many real estate agents who would be happy to help you find the right home for you. Consider your needs and budget carefully, and don’t be afraid to ask for help in finding the right home for you.

Chestermere Homes For Sale

There are a number of benefits to owning a home in Chestermere. First, the homes are affordable and come in a wide variety of styles and sizes to suit your needs. Second, the community is welcoming and has a small-town feel, while still offering all the amenities you need. Finally, the location is perfect – Chestermere, Alberta is close to Calgary but offers a more relaxed lifestyle. If you’re looking for a place to call home, consider buying a property in Chestermere.

How To Find Houses For Sale in Chestermere Lake?

Chestermere Lake is a community in the province of Alberta. It is located in the High River area, and its population was 1,166. It has been experiencing a steady increase in population since its inception with great success. Chestermere Lake provides people with an abundance of options that have met their high standards for people searching for houses for sale. If people are looking to find an affordable house, the City has many options in that category. For people who are budgeting around $300,000, many houses are available for that price. The average house value for all the houses in the lake is about $400,000. If a person wants a brand new home, then they can choose from several different builders or go with a single-family home and have it customized to meet their exact desires and wishes.

If a person is looking to move to Chestermere Lake and have children, they have several options for schooling. They can choose from nearly 10 different elementary schools, several junior schools, and multiple high schools. No matter their children’s educational needs, Chestermere Lake has choices in every category.

People interested in houses for sale in Chestermere are likely to be interested in the resort lifestyle that it has to offer. Chestermere Lake has several different resort-style amenities and establishments available to people who live in the area. There are many shopping, dining, and entertainment choices in Chestermere. One of the most famous attractions is the golf course and campground. The Golf Course is an 18 hole championship course and has been recognized as one of the best places to play golf in Alberta. Several other golf courses in the City provide people with another option for their golfing needs. If they have time to go hiking, they can take advantage of the 150 km trails around the City. The City also has a casino that offers many activities and promotions for people who enjoy gambling and want to learn how a casino works. A campground is an animated place with concerts a few times throughout the year. Numerous family attractions are available. The City also has several clubhouses where people can meet other people, play games, and socialize.

Real Estate in Mountain View, Chestermere

Real estate in Mountain View, Chestermere is a great place to live if you are looking for a real estate investment. The location is perfect for commuters, with easy access to the QE2 highway and Calgary. The neighborhoods are well established and the schools are top-notch. There are plenty of activities available in the area, including golf, shopping, and swimming. Chestermere also has a beautiful lake that is perfect for fishing, boating, and swimming.

The Chestermere Station

Chestermere station is a pastoral setting in the heart of the Canadian Rockies, just northwest of Calgary, Alberta. It is a popular destination for snowmobilers and off-road cyclists who enjoy its serene, picturesque setting. The location was once a major transfer point for trains on the Canadian Pacific Railway. That activity ended in 1996 when the Via Rail Canada network was nationalized and all passenger services were terminated. The tracks have since been removed and the station buildings were razed in 2000. Today, the site houses a large campground and gives access to a number of nearby attractions. The Killarney lookout is just across the road and offers extensive views of the area. Lakes Dandruffy’s attorneys are to the south and east, respectively.

Real Estate Market in Chestermere

The Chestermere real estate market has been very hot in recent years. The population of the city has been growing rapidly, and with it the demand for housing. This has driven up prices, making it difficult for people to find affordable homes in the city. The average price of a home in Chestermere is now over $1 million. This has made the city increasingly unaffordable for many people, forcing them to move to other parts of the Calgary region. There are some signs that the market may be cooling off a bit, but prices are still high and there is still strong demand for homes in Chestermere.

The Chelsea Community in Chestermere

Chelsea is a small town in Chestermere, Alberta, located 15 kilometers west of Calgary. Chelsea has a population of over 6,000 residents and celebrates the arts with their World-Class Performing Arts Centre. The Chelsea Community Association was established in 1979 to improve the quality of life for the residents. The community association hosts many community events, including annual celebrations such as Halloween, Canada Day, and Christmas Goodie Bag Giveaway, which provides residents with free toys and treats at Christmas time.

The Community Association serves on various community groups such as the Beach Board of Directors, Board of Management for the Pipestone Creek Park, Foothills Community Association, and the Chestermere Historical Society. Community members have impacted the Chelsea area through their volunteer activities for the organization and their donations towards community events and projects. Many residents participate in many local organizations such as Chelsea Lions Club, Chelsea Rotary Club, Chestersmen’s Club, Kiwanis, and United Way.